Group Profile

Yee On (Group) Limited, founded by Chairman Mr. Wong Tat Wah in 1978, headquarter located in Hong Kong. Leading by Mr. Wong, the group has outstanding achievement, becomes a well-known conglomerate in the past thirty years.



Yee On (Group) Limited Hong Kong is a large conglomerate with core business in Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland, and more than 50 foreign countries and regions, such as England, United States, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Australia and South Africa. There are more than 10,000 staff working in the corporation. Major industrial pillars are gems & jewellery industry, industrial city, real estate, hotel industry, property management and decoration engineering, including over 20 subsidiaries. In accordance with regional distribution of the corporation, they are Hong Kong Yee On (Group) Ltd, Dongguan Yee On (Group) Ltd, Dongguan Arising Sun (Group) Ltd and Suzhou Jewellery International Exhibition Trade Center.


The group aspires to play a leading role in related sectors, we uphold the spirit of excellence, enhance new development, and strive for progress with innovation.  We do so with the spirit of pioneering and innovation as well as a high degree of caring to our society and partners. 

Business Ccope



Gems & Jewellery industry

—— Worldwide processing and selling gems, pearl, jewellery business .


Industrial Park 

——Yee On Industrial City and Arising Sun Industrial City cover almost 2500 acres and about 300 factories.  They are the largest industrial parks with custom declaration parking facilities, which invested by Hong Kong enterprise. 


Real Estate

—— Wholly owned and invested properties with a total floorage of over million square meter.  Meanwhile, several large-scale commercial and residential projects are being in progress.


Hotel Industry

——The group wholly owns an international 5 star upscale tier hotel – Yee On Hotel, together with Xin Dong Yang Hotel, Yee On (Shengji) Seafood Restaurant.


Property Management

——Thirty years management experience in professional property management and specialists in serving industrial parks, commercial and residential estate, commercial real estate. 


Decoration engineering

——Mainly in public facilities engineering, shows strong strength and wide-spread business in Dongguan and Shenzhen area. 


Array Business Of Yee On Group



Yee On Hong Kong 

—— The headquarter of Yee On Group is located in Kowloon, Hong Kong.  Including Hong Kong Yee On Gems & Jewellery Fty. Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Yee On Enterprise Development Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Arising Sun Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. etc.


Dongguan Yee On

—— Develop in Yantian, Fenggang, Dongguan City, including Yee On Enterprise Development Co., Ltd., Yee On Industrial City, Yee On Gems & Jewellery Factory, Dongshan Jewellery Co., Ltd., Yee On Dongshan Enterprise Development Co., Ltd., Yee On Royalty Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Yee On Hotel Co., Ltd., Yee On(Shengji) Seafood Restaurant, etc.


Dongguan Arising Sun

 —— Develop in Tangxia, Dongguan, consisting of Arising Sun Enterprise Development Co., Ltd.(Arising Sun Industrial City), Xin Dong Yang Hotel Co., Ltd., Arising Sun Decoration & Design Engineering Co., Ltd., Arising Sun Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Arising Sun Commercial Plaza, Arising Sun Technology Industrial City etc.


Suzhou Jewellery International Exhibition Trade Center

——Develop in Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, including Suzhou Jewellery International Exhibition Trade Center, Suzhou Yee On Gems & Jewellery Co., Ltd., Suzhou Jewellery Restaurant Co., Ltd., Suzhou Xiangcheng Weitang New Gold Entertainment Center, etc.


Address: No.5-107, Arising Sun Industrial City, Lin village, Tangxia town, Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China

Tel:(852)2333 3445     Fox:(852)2365 0366     Email:info@yeeonchina.com