Dongguan Yee On Royalty Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Yee On Royalty – a residential real estate project was developed in 2011 by Dongguan Yee On Royalty Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. in Yantian, Fenggang town. This project had created record-breaking sales. All the premises were sold in a constant at ceiling prices (RMB 1,000~2,000 Yuan per square meter  higher than surrounding real estate projects). Furthermore, the good quality is also highly recognized by clients. 

Induction of Yee On Royalty project

Location: This real estate project is located in the centre of Yantian, Fenggang town, and adjacent to Yee On Hotel in Xiangxin Road, and Pinghu street, Longgang district of Shenzhen. It is worthy of the name of backyard garden of Shenzhen, and also the chief golf luxurious mansion in the region. 

Scale: The project covers a total area of 17,372.4m2 and a floorage of 59,768.81m2, with building density of 25.62%, greening rate of 30.13% and plot ratio of 2.80. It is consisted of 5 residence buildings and developed in one stage, the 4th and the 5th as small high-rise buildings (9 floors), the 1st and the 3rd as high-rise buildings(26 floors), and the 2nd as high-rise buildings (28 floors). All the 5 buildings are at the end of competition. 

House type: Various options are available, most were two rooms- two living rooms- two baths, three rooms- two living rooms- two baths, four rooms- two living rooms- two baths, five rooms- two living rooms- three baths, and there are also less double units.

Environment: Back to Yanhu park and Dongguan-Shenzhen dragon vein - Lantau Peak, Yee On Royalty project exhibited both city bustling and quiet healthful place thoroughly, enjoying activity and inertia at will. The golf course established in Lantau Peak covers about 800 thousand m2, while the Yanhu Park oriented northeast covers about 550 mu (about 300 thousand m2).

Traffic: The project location has convenient traffic in all directions, only across a road from Fenghuang Avenue in Pinghu Street of Shenzhen. The free movement between Xiangxin road and Fenghuang Avenue makes more convenient driving from here to Luohu center for only 5 minutes. Benefited from the completion and opening of Xiangxin road, it takes you only 8-minute driving from the project location to Longgang center of Shenzhen. In addition, the Airport-He’ao expressway, Shuijing village-Guanjingtou village expressway, expressway from the junction of Huizhou city and Pingdi town to Yantian toll station, Dongshen highway, Longping highway and Danping expressway were get through the arterial traffic. Only 4-minute driving southward to Airport-He’ao expressway entrance makes you arrive at Shenzhen Baoan airport in a instant, and you will be in the Shenzhen city only in 30 minutes.


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Address:  Xiangxin Road, Yantian village, Fenggang town, Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China



Suzhou Jewelry International Exhibition Trade Center

Established in Weitang town, Xiangcheng district, Suzhou by Yee On (Group) Limited Hong Kong in 2006, Suzhou Jewelry International Exhibition Trade Center aims to be the large-scale jewelry giant at home and abroad featuring product differentiation, diversified business modes, distinctive supporting facilities, convenient service, operation both in wholesale and retailing based on high starting point. The total investment of the project reaches up to RMB 800 million Yuan. With overall floorage of 100 thousand m2, the trade center is consisted of thousands of shops covering business in jewelry, diamonds, pearls, gems, jade articles, corals, amber, gold jewelry, sliver jewelry, artware, jewelry packaging and equipment, etc. As soon as officially opened in 2010, it has attracted the attention of peer enterprises all over the world and location of a large number of well-known jewelry brands.1-26.jpg

Telephone: (0512)65903666         Fax:(0512)65906666       Email:mail@suzhoujewellery.com

Address:  Office building of Suzhou Jewelry International Exhibition Trade Center, No.123, Zhenzhuhu Road, Weitang town, Xiangcheng district, Suzhou.


Address: No.5-107, Arising Sun Industrial City, Lin village, Tangxia town, Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China

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