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——Arising Sun Industrial City

Arising Sun Industrial City is another modern large-scale industrial park constructed and invested by Hong Kong Yee On (Group) Limited. Adhering to the service concept of Hong Kong Yee On (Group) Limited, the Industrial City strives to provide a convenient and sound platform for promoting prosperity and mutual development for potential enterprises by consolidating the resources across Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China and connecting the domestic and international markets.

With a site area of 1,500 mu, the Industrial City is located in Lin Village, Tangxia Town, Dongguan city, Guangdong province and enjoys distinctive regional advantages. It is easily accessible by adjacent expressways and only 30 minutes drive from Shenzhen Airport, Huanggang Port and Luohu Port.

The Industrial City comprises over 100 new individual industrial plants ranging from over 4,000 square meters to over 50,000 square meters.

Reasonably planned and well-equipped, the Industrial City adopts a Hong Kong-style management model to the full extent. It provides dedicated services to all corporations based on its pioneering and global vision. The Industrial City has well-developed infrastructures, such as roads, water, and electricity pipelines, ensuring sufficient water and electricity supply. The town in which the Industrial City is located provides abundant foreign labours resources of nearly 500,000 workers every year, which also safeguards a stable workforce for enterprises within the Industrial City. The Industrial City engaged various professionals from Hong Kong and Mainland China to participate in its management. Moreover, it provides favourable conditions for manufacturers establishing plants in the area, complemented by various convenient services, for instance, dedicated staff will be assigned to provide assistance in every stage of the establishment of factory.

The Industrial City places a strong emphasis on the management of public hygiene and safety and exercises strict control in aspects such as environment, hygiene, transportation, and security, striving to create a harmonic, safe and stable external environment for enterprises with its best endeavours.

The Industrial Park has a complete range of ancillary facilities, including upscale hotels with luxurious business suites, seafood restaurants, karaoke bars, health lounges, beauty salons, western restaurants, shops, and shopping centers, which comprehensively satisfy both business and daily needs of the manufacturers and their staff at various levels.





Dongguan Arising Sun Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. 

——Arising Sun Technology Industrial City

Arising Sun Technology Industrial City, a subsidiary of Hong Kong Yee On (Group) Limited, was established over 30 years ago. With solid experience in operating Arising Sun Industrial City, the Technology Industrial City, leveraging on its excellent location, focuses on providing service to the high technology industry in order to match the new market trend. The Technology Industrial City is comprised of 8 industrial buildings with 12 to 16 floors, which occupies a gross floor area of over 200,000 square meters. It is an ideal place for all industries, especially high technology industries, to set up factories and headquarters.

The Technology Industrial City is located in the heart of Pearl River Delta, as well as in the middle point of Guangzhou-Dongguan-Hong Kong-Shenzhen Corridor, the common border of Dongguan and Shenzhen, and the center of Tangxia, Qingxi, and Zhanmutou, which is surrounded by highways. It is of 30 to 60 minutes’ drive from Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Huizhou, or other cities in Pearl River Delta area. Hence, this modern industrial city is convenient for trading and logistics business. Blessed with a good geographical location, Arising Sun Technology Industrial City is an ideal option for ambitious enterprises to set up industrial plants, conduct researches and develop their business.



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